About us

In teaching, our approach ensures that the pupil obtains an understanding of the general principles underlying the Technique in a way which is clear and simple.

We teach privately, on a one-to-one basis, in our home in Lower Parkstone, close to Whitecliff, Lilliput and Sandbanks. The house is in a very pleasant area, set in a garden full of flowers, close to many oak trees. The ambience is peaceful and calming, ideal for productive Alexander work. Also, there is ample parking available.

We are both experienced teachers of the Alexander Technique and members of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique), having trained 3 years full-time at the Alexander Re-education Centre in Aylesbury with Ray Evans and Ron Colyer.

We studied Tai Chi under Chinese Masters Miss Rose Lee and Chungliang Al-Huang and continue to practice daily. This has had a profound effect on the quality of our Alexander Teaching.

Valerie Willets

Valerie Willets Dip AD, BA(Hons) Fine Art, Cert Ed, MSTAT.

I came to the Alexander Technique with a 'frozen shoulder' which had debilitated me for almost 2 years. 8 weeks of Alexander Technique work eliminated the problem completely.

This led to me train as an Alexander Teacher, qualifying in 1993.

I had an early career in technical work before marrying and having 3 sons. I then studied Art at St. Albans College of Art and Design, completing my degree in 1986. I continue to paint and teach Art to Adult students, training for a Cert. Ed. with Southampton University in 2002.

Frank Willets

Frank Willets Phd, F.Inst.P, Ch.Phys, MSTAT.

A seemingly minor golf injury led to serious neck and back problems and left me with sciatica in both legs. I then had Alexander Lessons and the problem was completely resolved.

As a result I decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher and qualified after 3 years full-time study in 1995.

Before training to become a teacher I was a Research Physicist with Kodak Ltd, leaving to set up my own business consultancy firm and establishing two Graphic Art companies.